The Traxxas Slash 4X4 Brushless 1/10 4WD Ready To Run Short Course Truck With ID Battery now comes with a smart ID Battery and a ID Charger. Their is no need to program your charger just plug the battery in and the charger and battery will auto recognize and start charging.


This is the Traxxas Slash 4X4 Brushless 1/10 4WD Ready to Run Short Course Truck, with an included TQi radio system, TSM stability system, Traxxas iD connector equipped battery and DC Battery Charger.

CHARGER NOTE: The included charger requires a cigarette lighter socket found in full size vehicles to charge. If this is not your preference, Traxxas offers an adapter allowing you to charge from a standard home AC electrical socket (TRA2976). 

This Slash 4X4 is hard-loaded for ultimate performance with Traxxas Stability Management (TSM). Traxxas Stability Management allows you to experience all the extreme power, speed, and acceleration that was engineered into the Slash 4X4 by making it much easier to control on common slippery surfaces such as loose dirt, smooth concrete, and even ice and snow. Punch it off the line and TSM goes to work sensing the vehicle’s direction and making steering corrections to provide straight-ahead full-throttle acceleration without fishtailing, spinouts, and loss of control. TSM also works during cornering, first making intuitive corrections to maintain your line, and then allowing you to hammer the throttle earlier in the turn for much faster exit speeds. Braking is dramatically improved as TSM works to keep you arrow straight until you come to a complete stop. TSM acts as your on-board co-pilot in the vehicle that “feels” what the vehicle is doing and makes corrections for vehicle movements that you cannot even detect, well before the vehicle gets out of control.

Traxxas TSM gives you all the benefits modern electronic stabilization has to offer without intruding on your driving fun. Traxxas engineers developed superior tuning algorithms that run on high-speed, precision electronic components to create a system that works invisibly, in the background, without ever limiting your throttle. TSM can be fine tuned (or turned off) for different surfaces by simply adjusting the multi-function knob on the TQi transmitter, or by adjusting the slider in the Traxxas link app. The result is that you are driving faster, with more ease, and having more fun, with that fully connected feeling at the controls that you expect. In fact, you may not even realize how much TSM is helping you until you turn it off and test your driving skills without it!

Velineon VXL-3s Electronic Speed Control
The Velineon VXL-3s speed control is loaded with high-grade technology to precisely deliver maximum power to the motor. It's engineered for today's battery technology and beyond. Two-stage low voltage detection allows full LiPo compatibility, including powerful 11.1-volt 3S packs!

Velineon 3500 Brushless Motor
Extreme performance is standard equipment with the sensorless Velineon motor. Ultra high-temperature Neodymium magnets, high-speed ball bearings, and a precision balanced rotor deliver power and long life with near zero maintenance. Since there are no brushes or commutator to wear out, you always get the same blistering acceleration and ballistic top speed run after run.

Precision 2.4GHz Control
Traxxas Slash 4X4 is equipped with the world's most advanced Ready-To-Race radio system. The Traxxas TQi arrives with a full complement of tuning features and offers the unbeatable convenience of "no channels, no crystals" 2.4GHz technology—but that's just the beginning. Automatic model recognition instantly recalls your settings for up to 30 Traxxas Link-enabled models. Just switch on and drive, no naming or "model memory" settings required. Power up the transmitter and the model you want to drive, and the settings for that model are dialed in immediately! The TQi 2.4GHz transmitter is fully adjustable: steering and throttle end points can be set precisely, and the Multi-Function knob can be programmed to control Steering Sensitivity (Expo), Throttle Sensitivity (Expo), Steering Percentage (Dual Rate), Braking Percentage (Dual Rate), or Throttle Trim. TQi's ergonomic case design provides all-day driving comfort, and the unique internal antenna contributes to its sleek, modern look.

4-amp DC Peak Detecting Fast Charger
For quick, convenient, hassle-free charging, a 4amp DC fast charger is included to maximize runtime and minimize down time. The included NiMH charger uses a 12-Volt DC power outlet for universal high-output charging. The brilliant LED provides charging status as soon as the battery is connected. The charger is optimized for charging your Traxxas iD Power Cell NiMH battery. Peak-detection circuitry makes sure the battery receives a full charge every time. The status LED flashes green to indicate when charging is in progress, then turns solid green when charging is complete for foolproof charging, peak performance, and maximum runtime.

Traxxas Power Cell NiMH Battery with iD
Slash 4X4 includes a Traxxas iD Power Cell Battery. Traxxas battery packs are optimized for free-flowing power and maximum punch with premium quality, low-resistance cells; flexible, silicone-jacketed 12-gauge wire; heavy-duty welded tabs; and Traxxas High-Current Connectors. Traxxas iD chargers (sold separately) auto-detect iD-equipped Power Cell batteries and automatically set and optimize charge settings. Precision assembly with attractive, individually wrapped cells and clear overwrap complete the package.

Traxxas Link Wireless Module Compatible
The TQi's most important feature may already be in your pocket. The TQi can be equipped with an Traxxas Link Wireless Module (TRA6511, sold separately) that turns your Android, iPad, iPhone or iPod touch (sold separately) into a powerful tuning tool for your Traxxas model. The full-color display combines with the free Traxxas Link App to deliver an intuitive, high-definition, full-color graphical user interface that unlocks the mysteries of optimizing your radio system for ultimate vehicle control. Traxxas Link also opens the door to telemetry capability when you add optional sensors to your model.

NOTE: The vehicle shown may not be an accurate representation of the body color/paint scheme you will receive. Paint schemes are selected randomly. The Traxxas Slash 4X4 model TRA68086-3 is available in four different Officially-Licensed Race Replica body styles: Mike Jenkins Edition (Traxxas #47), Mark Jenkins Edition (Traxxas #25), Scott Douglas Edition (AMSOIL® #7) and Greg Adler Edition (4 Wheel Parts #10). If you would like a specific paint scheme please contact our customer service department prior to placing your order and we will do our best to honor your request.


    Equipped with Traxxas Stability Management (TSM)
    Traxxas 4amp DC Peak Detecting Fast Charger
    Traxxas 7-cell NiMH battery with iDTM
    Powered by the Velineon® Brushless Power System
    Slash 4X4 reaches speeds in excess of 60mph! (with optional gearing and 3S LiPo - not included)
    Maxx® Cable 12-gauge wire
    Traxxas High-Current Connector (patented) allows high-capacity battery packs to deliver maximum voltage to the Velineon Brushless Power System
    Exclusive waterproof electronics extend brushless power and performance to water, mud, and snow
    Velineon VXL-3s Electronic Speed Control
        LiPo, NiCad, and NiMH compatible with two-stage low-voltage detection
        Sport Mode – Forward / Brake / Reverse
        Race Mode – Forward / Brake
        Training Mode™ - 50% Forward / Brake / 50% Reverse (patented)
    Velineon 3500 Brushless Motor
        Consistent, high-power output, run after run
        Low-maintenance, unique Traxxas design
        Efficient, high-speed ball bearings
        Precision-balanced rotor
    TQi 2.4GHz transmitter
        Compatible with optional Traxxas Link Wireless Module (TRA6511) for full Traxxas Link App capability Traxxas Link is designed for use with Android 4.4 and up or iOS 4.3 and later.
        Automatically stores and loads settings for up to 30 Traxxas Link-enabled models—just switch on and drive, "model selection" is not required
        Multi-Function knob
        Adjustable steering and throttle percentage (dual rates)
        Adjustable steering and throttle sensitivity (exponential)
        Adjustable steering and throttle end points
        High 13ms frame rate and near-zero latency for responsive control
        TQi 2.4GHz 5-channel micro receiver with Traxxas Stability Management (TSM) (TRA6533), fail-safe security and integrated telemetry ports
    Durable steel Jato®-Style turnbuckles and captured rod ends
    Single-screw motor access makes gear-mesh adjustments fast and easy and the motor can be removed in just seconds
    Modular simplicity, fiber-composite monocoque chassis
    Speed control and receiver are securely fastened to chassis
    Integrated Personal Transponder Mount
    Versatile battery compartment easily adapts to multiple styles of batteries; 6 or 7-cell NiMh battery packs and various configurations of Lithium Polymer packs are no problem for Slash 4X4
    Digital high-torque Traxxas TRA2075 waterproof steering servo
    Waterproof, o-ring sealed receiver box
    Sealed, silicone-filled differentials
    Revo®-Spec Torque-Control™ slipper clutch system
    Fully adjustable oil-filled Ultra Shocks™ with X-ring technology
    White powder coated shock springs feature a responsive spring rate
    Telescoping universal-joint driveshafts
    Rubber-sealed ball bearings
    Scale all-terrain front and rear tires offer superior on- and off-road traction
    Pre-glued all-terrain tires with high-performance foam inserts
    ProGraphix® painted race replica bodies
    Full line of genuine Traxxas accessories available
    Slash 4X4 is backed by unparalleled Traxxas support and parts availability

Length: 22.36 Inches (568mm)
Front Track: 11.65 Inches (296mm)
Rear Track: 11.65 Inches (296mm)
Center Ground Clearance: 2.83 Inches (72mm)
Weight: 93.1oz (2.64kg)
Height (overall): 7.60 Inches (193mm)
Wheelbase: 12.75 Inches (324mm)
Tire Diameter: 4.31 Inches (109.5mm)
Gear Pitch: 32
Drive System: Shaft-Driven, Direct Drive 4WD
Skill Level: 1
Top Speed: 35+mph stock / 60+mph With optional gearing and 3S LiPo battery (sold separately)


    Fully assembled Slash 4X4, Ready-To-Race® with Traxxas Stability Management
    TQi™ 2.4GHz radio system
    Velineon® Brushless Power System
    4-amp DC peak detecting fast charger
    NiMH iD Power Cell 7-Cell Flat, Sub-C, 3000mAh Battery (TRA2923X)
    Race Replica painted body
    Traxxas Precision Tool Set

Needed to Complete:

    4 "AA" Batteries for transmitter

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SKU 68086-3
Brand Traxxas
Shipping Weight 5.0000kg
Shipping Width 0.450m
Shipping Height 0.550m
Shipping Length 0.450m

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