FPV drones

Here at Just hobbies we have a great range of FPV drones in stock.

We stock all the major brands such as DJI, Walkera, Blade,Yuneec and many more. We can run you threw all models that we sell and provide you with important information about each model.

Can't wait to fly your new Drone as soon as you get it, then just ask our friendly staff at just hobbies, Sydney RC specialist to set up, configure and test your Brand new drone for you at no extra charge. Ready for you to fly right out of the box we will assemble any gimbals or accessories like prop guards free of charge we can also run you threw the controls and answer any questions you may have.

What is FPV flying?

FPV is an acronym meaning "First Person View". A person referring to "flying FPV" is referring to piloting their model aircraft from a first person perspective onboard. Here at Just hobbies We have a great range of Fully set up and configured FPV drones.

 Just Hobbies Your RC Specialist.

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