Zero A6M3 1400mm Green PNP

Material: Durable EPO

Wing Span: 1,400mm ( 55.2in )

Length: 1,085mm ( 42.7in )

Flying Weight: Around 1,880g

Servo: 9g Servo x 6 17gServo x 1

Landing Gear : Electric Servo less Retract Landing Gear

Motor: 4250-KV580 Powerful Out runner Brushless Motor

ESC: 65A with 5A SBEC Brushless ESC

Propeller: 13X9 3 Blade Propeller With Spinner

Battery: Li-Po 14.8V 2600mAh 25C

Radio: 6 Ch Radio Control

CG Position: 80-85mm (From Leading Edge)

Wing Area:30.1d?

Wing Load: 62.4g/d?


The A6M Zero was a long-range fighter aircraft operated by the Imperial Japanese Air Service. In early combat operations, the Zero gained a legendary reputation as a 'dogfighter' remaining king of the air until around 1943. The aircraft was designed with long range and performance in mind, durability and pilot protection were not considered priorities and this led to many very good pilots to loose their lives. Ultimately this resulted in an Allied advantage later in the war.


FMS have continuously developed and improved its 1400 Series Aircraft. The new Zero brings a cleverly constructed and extremely agile aircraft to the masses.


A new wing design incorporates a GRP socket and carbon wing tube, aileron stiffening inserts and 6 retaining screws. The resulting wing is light and extremely rigid making it very responsive, just like the real thing!


The Zero is ‘feature loaded’ from tip to tail with wonderful scale detailing, it even has fabric and rib effect on the ailerons and elevators. The worm drive retracts are complemented with ‘super slow servo’ operated inner gear doors and the fixed tail wheel driven off the rudder servo.


The super slow flap actuation is very effective and a real pleasure to use allowing for very realistic landings.


Wonderful low wing loading, large and stiff ailerons and a very responsive powerful power train make for an incredible flying machine. Inverted flight, point rolls, barrel rolls, Immelmans, slow rolls, half Cubans and split-ess are an absolute pleasure to perform and watch.


The FMS 1400 Series - A6M Zero is the new must have model; great scale lines and looks, durable EPO foam construction, fully feature-laden detailing and flaming fantastic flight performance!


Brand FMS Models

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