- Material: Durable EPO
- Wing Span: 1,400mm ( 55.1in )
- Length: 1,280mm ( 50.4in )
- Flying Weight: Around 1,830g
- Servo: 9g Servo x 4, 17g Servo x 1
- Landing Gear : Electric Servo less Retract Landing Gear
- Motor: 3648-KV520 Powerful Out runner Brushless Motor
- ESC: 50A Brushless ESC
- Propeller: 3 Blade Propeller With Spinner
- Battery: Li-Po 14.8V 2200mAh 25C
- Radio: 6 Ch Radio Control
- CG Position: 80-85mm (From Leading Edge)
- Wing Area: 32.4d?
- Wing Load: 56.4g/d?

Featuring a brushless out runner, 50 amp ESC and scale 3 blade propeller provide more than enough motive power to give stunning sortes in all weather conditions! The new electronic worm drive retracts provide added scale realism, plug and play functionality and real durability and add a new dimension to this feature rich model.

Ground handling is great due to the steering tail wheel and the large main wheels cope with both grass and asphalt runways. Take offs are a snap with plenty of rudder authority being available, landings are also a walk in the park as this aircraft can really be slowed down without showing any spiteful tendencies.

The high power, clever design features, low wing loading, wrapped up with the durability of EPP foam result in an airframe that will inspire and impress any level of RC pilot.


SKU fms018
Brand FMS
Shipping Weight 3.0000kg
Shipping Width 0.450m
Shipping Height 0.450m
Shipping Length 1.200m