The aircraft is the best choice to practice the flight skill for beginners, which has the sufficient driving power, good stability, soaring fast and flexible control. It owns the creative design!

The Red Dragonfly takes off from the ground quickly and will perform most aerobatic maneuvers. Each aileron has an individual servo with a short linkage for precise control. Made of durable foam, this airplane will take a lot of abuse and still fly well. If you break a wing panel it can be easily and quickly repaired with 5-minute epoxy . Airplane comes almost completely built, it only takes minutes to assemble the wings, tail. which is not only provided with a more beautiful appearance but also is suitable to fly in a small flight field thanks to its wing span and cost effective. Moreover, there are ten different national flags for your choice, just choose your favorite flag and stick it on for fun!

FMS Red Dragonfly Features:

•Durable EPO foam construction
•Strong landing gear
•Very easy to build
•Includes motor, ESC, receiver, battery and 4 channel radio
•Fixed Main Gear, Steerable Rear Landing Gear

Spec Check:

•Wingspan: 900mm/35.4in
•Length: 810mm/31.9in
•Motor: 2805-KV2840
•ESC : 12A
•Battery: 7.4V 1300mAh
•Servo : 9g x 4
•Flying weight : 520g


Brand FMS
Shipping Weight 1.0000kg
Shipping Width 0.450m
Shipping Height 0.350m
Shipping Length 0.800m

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