Park Flyer Planes

Park Flyer Planes.

The term park flyer denotes a class of small, primarily electric powered radio controlled aircraft, so named because their size enables some of them to be operated within the confines of a large public park. Some are slow and docile enough to fly within an enclosed area such as a gymnasium or even a living room, while others require the open space needed for larger models due to size and/or speed.

Because of their size and relative ease of setup, ready-to-fly park flyers are among the most popular class of RC aircraft for beginners and advanced pilots alike. Advanced electronic and material technologies have even brought forth high-performance, park flyer sized "3D-flyers", or fully aerobatic aircraft capable of extreme high g maneuver’s and even nose-up hovering. Once the exclusive realm of giant scale, 3D flight is now possible both indoors and out with certain park flyer aircraft.<br /> <br /> At Just Hobbies we cater for all your Remote Control Aircraft needs. We have a great range of Rc Park Flyer Planes, Beginner Planes, Micro Planes, Warbird Planes, Jet Planes and Sports planes for the RC enthusiast. We have both Nitro and Electric planes available. We Stock All the major brands such as Thunder Tiger, E-Flite, HobbyZone, ParkZone, FMS, Roc Hobby and many more. We also stock all Spare parts and Accessories.

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