Jet Planes

Jet Planes.

There's a massive selection of Rc Jet planes to choose from these days, and that's great news for the newcomer to the hobby, but the large choice can be a bit overwhelming to begin with.

RC jets, whether gas turbine or electric ducted fan (EDF) powered, can provide the ultimate radio control flying experience if you're looking to fly faster model aircraft.
True gas turbine Rc jets, however, are not for the beginner. They are very serious model aircraft that you have to work up to after gaining a large amount of radio control flying experience and an equally large amount of cash. They're serious business!

But the good news is that if you do like the idea of flying a radio control jet then there are plenty of options available these days; foam RTF (Ready To Fly) electric powered jets have become commonplace in recent years. Although such jets aren't as easy to fly as a normal Rc airplane, generally speaking, they can offer the intermediate Rc pilot an accurate taste of model jet flying.

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